One of the most frequently asked questions we get at the Cabaret is "How did you end up HERE?" Obviously, if we were starting out today, putting a dinner theatre in the middle of a cornfield would be a little crazy. Carrying on an almost 27 year old tradition of live music and comedy in the middle of a cornfield, however, is both an honor and a privilege for us. Keep reading to see how we started, where we've been and where we're going!

The cabaret building was built in 1873, and housed the first "Red Man's Lodge" in the State of Indiana. Situated next to the Seventh Day Adventist Home for Unwed Mothers, the building, believed to be haunted, overlooked the Cincinnati and Martinsville railroad. For many years, the commercial building was Boggstown's General Store and Barber Shop.

Originally called the Boggstown Inn and Cabaret, this musical establishment opened its doors in 1984 and quickly became Hoosier destination, emphasizing the art of dual piano and banjo music. The cabaret provided musicians the opportunity to play their favorite tunes, tell stories and jokes, and provide ragtime music from the turn of the century through the year 1929. The 1920s theme provided the perfect backdrop for the Indiana Ragtime Society. Cloaked in informal burlap and picnic style seating, one could enjoy intimate, down-home style entertainment in an historic building, creating a very unique experience.

The Boggstown Cabaret moved aggressively into the next century with new ownership in 1999. The logo was quickly changed to incorporate both a boy and a girl, and the Olde English lettering was changed to a more advanced style, appreciating the historic appeal while acknowledging the future. The burlap was removed and the plain brick backdrop replaced with a full set, reminiscent of the famed supper clubs of the 1920s and 30s. Bright colors and extreme attention to detail have transformed the informal entertainment venue into a warm and cheerful environment. Understanding the need to appeal to all ages, the Boggstown Cabaret offers Professional Entertainers and Live Music, along with professional costumes, lighting and theatrical effects.

In 2011 we took another step forward, re-branding the venerable Boggstown Cabaret into the BC Supper Club. We continue to grow and improve every year, to ensure that each visit you make to Boggstown is better than the last!

Boggstown Cabaret in the middle of nowhere, if you dare! Between I-65 and I-74 NW of Shelbyville | 40 minutes south of Indianapolis

Currently Boggstown Cabaret is closed....we are working on reopening as a Murder Mystery Supper Club in late 2019. 

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