Platinum Girls The Musical

Platinum Girls

The Musical

Platinum Girls Strike Gold

Come Shake a Tailfeather!

Girl Group trio Elaine, Doris, and Ruby Lee reunite for the comeback of their lives in the heartwarming and hilarious original musical comedy, Platinum Girls. After winning a high school songwriting contest, the three best friends enjoy fame — or at least, fifteen minutes of it. Now, forty years later, they’re tossing away the timeglass for another chance at the spotlight.

Created by Brad Zumwalt, with music and lyrics by Russell Moss and Andrew Beall, Platinum Girls features both original songs and parodies of familiar pop classics from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Described by The Hoosier Times as “vaudeville meets sitcom meets musical revue of past pop songs,” our most popular show is a blast of rambunctious fun for the whole family.

The Reviews Are In


"Platinum Girls Strike Gold! It’s vaudeville meets sitcom meets musical revue of past pop songs. One-liners proliferate... Physical comedy is present, too... Each [character] is likable, believable, want-to-get-to-knowable and really funny."

Connie Shakalis, Hoosier Times

Creative Team

Original Music & Lyrics
Andrew Beall & Russell Moss

Original Hair & Costume Design
Brad Zumwalt

Direction & Concept
Brad Zumwalt

Brad Zumwalt & Russell Moss


Original Lighting Design
Hunter Riebl

Original Set Design
Brad Zumwalt & Russell Moss

Upcoming Performances

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